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We are a design duo based in Scotland. One of us began our creative life in the art foundation classroom while the other was reading lots of literature.

Many moons later our paths finally crossed in a pub over cigarettes and wine, and a relationship quickly blossomed and bloomed. The love and friendship that was born from this soon began to engage and exchange in sketches and poems and letters to share. We soon found that lots of people appreciated and liked what we were composing for each other, so we thought why not combine our imaginations?!

So here we are now. Sometimes we like to draw and sketch things we love from our home. Sometimes we like to think about places we like to go to where we find respite from a busy world and write a little story about them. Above all our aim is to produce things that make people feel warm, happy and a bit gooey inside.

A simple print showing things you love, something that will brighten up your home, or a poem that makes you think 'thats exactly how I feel', 'thats what I want to tell someone in my life', makes us feel like we have accomplished something.

With regards to our name, we're both a little bit on the shy side so we thought we'd combine names of a writer and artist that we love (it also meant we didn't have to argue over whose name came first!). Thank you for looking at our site and we hope you found something that you like!

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