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Natural hand crafted gins

Handcrafted gins using 100% natural ingredients and real fruits to create exceptional spirits

Fox’s Kiln Distillery Gins are handcrafted using carefully selected natural ingredients. Our virtuous spirits are steeped in history distilled in a former docklands malthouse established in 1888. Inspired by our heritage and glorious Cotswold countryside on our doorstep, you can taste the fresh flavours and aromatic botanicals in every sip.

As a chef for more than a decade, our founder Jared Brown has always been passionate about working with natural ingredients.

Bored by his office job, he decided to open a microbrewery at Gloucester Docks in 2011 and this grew into the award-winning Gloucester Brewery you see today. It prides itself on creating great tasting sustainable beers with little impact on the environment.

In 2019, excited by the creativity and opportunities in the gin industry, Jared embarked on a new journey – distilling.

He went back to school to learn how to balance the botanical combinations to create the perfect gin without the need for any artificial ingredients.

In early 2020, a 100-litre Genio still arrived at the brewery at Fox’s Kiln, a former Victorian malthouse. Inspired by the history of the building and the surroundings there was only one name for the new venture – Fox’s Kiln Distillery was up and running.

As well as creating our four original gin flavours, Jared loves to experiment with ingredients found locally to produce special edition spirits. Our summer special was a wild elderflower and lemon balm gin made using ingredients from a nearby farm.

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The Still
Magic happens here!

How we make our Gins

100% natural ingredients

We rectify grain spirit in our still along with the botanicals, bringing 96% alcohol up to the boil, allowing various flavours to develop as it to evaporates before condensing in the still chamber.

The alcohol runs off into the collection vessel and is split into heads, hearts and tails. Only using the hearts in our recipes means we capture the highest quality spirit and infuse the most amount of flavour to our gins.

We then bottle the spirit and allow it to further mature bringing the flavours to a mellow, smooth finish.

We then macerate our base gin in real fruits and flowers for upto 4 weeks to give them a unique taste and character

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  • "I ordered a bottle of gin at about 11.30pm one night and it was with me, beautifully packaged and presented, by about 10.30am the next morning. Having just cracked it open. I can confirm it is a tasty, well balanced, premium craft gin, both straight and with a mixer. Can't wait to try more, and so happy to support a wonderful local business. Highly recommended!"
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  • "What a quality company to buy a locally distilled refreshing gin. They do tasty flavoured ones lovely straight or just with a fizzy tonic and a slice, yum!"
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  • "Ordered a crate of Beer and Bottle of Gin. Delivered to my door step by friendly driver within 12 hours of placing my order. And it all tastes amazing."
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  • "Super speedy delivery and fantastic flavoured gins, my new favourite."
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Press Comments

"Blood Orange Gin review- With bright bursts of aromatic orange blossom and sumptuously subtle tones of fennel, this scrumptious small-batch gin from Gloucester is truly unique and oh-so-delicious. Each sip of this vibrant and wonderfully balanced tipple is a symphony of ginny flavours. What a treat!"
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Aug 2020


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