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Beyond the everyday

A.H.A. Design is a London based design company founded by Andy Hau that specialises in architecture, graphic design and product design. We believe that creativity has no boundaries and a creative vision transcends the media it is created in.

Our designs convey the ideas and feelings that we cannot express with words. We are inspired by storytelling, memory and childhood experiences; from the burning neon euphoria of being in the city for the first time to wind-swept holidays by the seaside. We believe that all design should be a celebration - an escape from the futility of modern life, not an endorsement of it.

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Quinn the Fox

Quinn the Fox began life as an outlet to express the ideas and feelings we couldn’t express fully with words.

There aren’t many things in our everyday life that shock us anymore. We’ve seen it all, done it all, Tweeted about it, favourited it and scrolled on. But even in this age of apathy, the sight of a fox in the wild, whether in the forest or in our back gardens, is one of the last remaining things that still inspires a sharp intake of breath. Just a glimpse is enough to momentarily break us out of our numbing detachment - faces flushed, pulses racing.

A wanderlust fox seemingly unconstrained by the shackles of rationality, Quinn is a bystander spectating on the folly of human nature and conceit. In doing so, he explores what it means to be human, revealing to us the many inconsistencies and oddities in everyday life that we have grown to accept and the simple, obvious truths that we have been forced to forget.

Quinn the Fox has become a beacon for over-thinkers and illustration-lovers alike and our products have been featured by publications such as Elle Decor and The Observer.

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