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'Midnight Cowboy' - Moon-Gazing Fox (Acrylic on Paper) by The Nifty Illustrator

About The Nifty Illustrator

What started as a therapeutic activity became a creative outlet.

I call myself The Nifty Illustrator and am a London-based artist and animal lover. I use manual techniques to create artwork that appeals to people of all ages.

I began making 'box art' in my late twenties during a period of depression as I struggled to engage with the world and needed to distract both my mind and my hands.

As Pablo Picasso once said: "Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life."

What started as a therapeutic activity became a creative outlet, and eventually I outgrew my bedroom desk and started renting a studio space.

After a few years of making unique 3-D pieces, my focus turned to painting with acrylics and developing my drawing and composition skills.

I am particularly fond of animals and nature. These, together with other influences such as music lyrics, street art and literature, are the things that inspire my artworks.

I'm happiest when I'm in my studio (preferably with a dog for company) getting lost in my creative endeavours.

A rare photograph of The Nifty Illustrator in her natural habitat.'Life On Mars' (Detail) - Handmade 3-D Box Art by The Nifty IllustratorWinter Polar Bear (Work In Progress) - handmade (acrylic on paper) by The Nifty Illustrator
Work in progress - acrylic painting on paper by The Nifty Illustrator

Handmade with love.

Everything The Nifty Illustrator creates is handmade.

All of my artwork is made using manual techniques as I enjoy the processes involved, working with physical materials and using my hands.

My pictures are hand drawn and painted with acrylic on paper, then scanned and faithfully reproduced on high quality paper by expert UK-based printers.

Each painting requires at least 3-4 thin coats of paint in order to achieve bright, saturated colours - I like to use a limited palette of colours and make them sing!

The printing company I use for all my greetings cards and postcards are supporters of The Woodland Trust project and use only carbon captured papers.

My 3-D artwork includes sculpting small scale characters and scenarios with wire, clay and found objects.

Art continues to play a 'therapeutic' role in my life and has taught me, among other things, a great deal of patience!

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