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Sucka is a small kitchenware brand that sells reusable items. All my items are planet friendly and kind to the earth.

Sucka started back in 2019 when I realised that paper straws were a wasteful and awful item to drink from. I was confused as to why we couldn't just reuse straws like any other cutlery or item. So I decided to launch a brand that sold different colours and sizes of reusable, toxic free metal straws. All colours are so unique and trendy and the collections bare all family members - from toddlers with our mini straws, to the elderly with our silicone straws.

With time, I expanded my store to other reusable items like bags, beautiful coasters and recently sippy cups! It's been a journey.

As a single business owner, Im proud to have build something so beautiful and colourful and I cannot appreciate all the love and support.

Metal StrawsMilkshake strawsPastel straws
Tulle Embroidered bags
Reusable tulle shopper

Our reusable shoppers

We now also have adorable reusable shoppers

A now expanding line, our shoppers and bags are best selling items for your day to day life, picnics or just stroll in the park. Available in beautiful and unique colours, these shoppers are one to keep for life. From soft embroidered tulle bags with cute little flowers sewn in available in 3 different colours to a slightly tougher line of shopper bags, fit for heavier fruits and veggies. We are so proud of our new line of bags and have so far kept expanding to a bigger variety of items. These perfect gifts are a must have.

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  • "Funky colours, a necessity in today's world"
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  • "Excellent quality and love the colour and little bag they are in"
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  • "Good quality product, postage was slightly later than it said but I ordered around Christmas time."
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  • "It was a gift so I don`t know how good it was. Looked good and loved the bag it came in."
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We always try to ship in the next 2 days and deliver within 4 days. If stock is limited , there may be delays.

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Terms and Conditions

Suckas are reusable metal straws with no toxic coatings. Please use responsibly, this is no different than a cutlery. Please do not let children use unattended. Please be aware that sucka does not take responsibility for any damaged caused due to burns, accidents or breakage. Note suckas are safe to put in the dishwasher but due to the nature of the material, light scratches or chips can occur over time. sucka is not liable for this and has no responsibility in replacing or refunding items that have been misused or damaged with time.

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