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About Nc'nean Distillery

We are a young, independent, organic whisky distillery on the west coast of Scotland. Our mission is to create inventive and sustainable spirits.

Nc'nean was started by Annabel Thomas back in 2013. On a trip to Scotland, she started questioning the traditional nature of so many distilleries and she wondered whether things could be done differently, in a more modern, sustainable and creative way. It turns out, it can, and Annabel spent 5 years building our distillery from scratch on the wild, west-coast of Scotland. In 2017, we started distilling using only organic Scottish barley and 100% renewable energy, recycling 99.95% of our waste. We've released two Botanical Spirits to date and this year will see the release of our first whisky.

Our name, pronounced nc-nee-an, is an abbreviation of Neachneohain - the Queen of Spirits in Gaelic legend. She was fiercely independent and never afraid to walk her own path, as well as being a protector of all things wild.

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Nc'nean Botanical Spirits

Our Botanical spirits

Not whisky. Not gin. Wild foraged. Triple distilled.

Whilst waiting for our whisky to mature, we created our Botanical Spirit by taking our un-aged whisky and re-distilling it with 10 botanicals, including juniper, sorrel and wild bog myrtle. The result, our Botanical Spirit - a delicious refreshing drink, half way between a gin and a whisky.

Then, someone asked us whether we had ever tried to age our botanical spirit in a cask. Turns out, we hadn't but we decided to give it a go and put our spirit into three different barrels - Vermouth, Bourbon and Mondino. The result, a limited edition of three unique and interesting spirits, perfect for the experimental cocktail maker.

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