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Musubi London is a small family business, selling beautifully designed wrapping cloths from Japan (known as 'furoshikis').

Furoshikis are traditionally used as tablecloths, napkins, lunch box wraps, book covers and present wraps - however, the uses don’t stop here. The furoshiki is also a great fashion accessory - perfect as a bag or worn as a scarf.

What makes the furoshiki so special (apart from its amazing versatility!) is that it also offers a fantastic eco-friendly shopping bag for the everyday grocery shopper, eliminating wastage and the need for plastic bags.

Here at Musubi London, we offer these cloths in multiple sizes and designs to cater for all needs and tastes.

Musubi London was established by husband and wife, Ed and Julia, in 2015. The couple had always wanted to work together, fusing their interests and Ed’s Japanese heritage, to share a tiny part of Japan’s culture with friends and family in the UK.

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