The Right Lines

The Right Lines

I started The Right Lines range because my Granny used to love sending those traditional pastel Sentiment and Verse cards, and I thought we could really do with a more contemporary version! Sometimes we all struggle for words and The Right Lines cards are designed to help you out when you're not quite sure how to get your thoughts across.

People often tell me that the sentiments are spot on and it's as if I've read their mind, or that I've helped them to articulate something they wanted to say to someone special. Feedback like this puts a huge smile on my face because it's exactly what I wanted the cards to do.

My newest range is the foiled cards which take the accent line of some of my bestsellers from The Right Lines and use a larger, gorgeous calligraphy font. They are designed for those occasions where you feel less is more, and for when you want to add a little shimmer to someone's world.

I hope you love them all.

With love from Lindsay x