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from you to me

Hello and welcome to From You To Me and we are the creators of the award-winning range of beautiful guided memory books and journals.

Our company started in 2007 when Neil discovered that his father had a terminal illness and we realised that all his memories and stories would be lost forever if we didn't capture them for future generations. We created a range of guided journals to help others discover the stories, memories and social history of their loved ones. We now have a wide range of products to suite every one, from pregnancy through childhood, tween and teen years and into adulthood. All our products are researched beautifully designed, produced and managed ethically and sustainably by lovely people.

With more lovely products being launched in 2015, from you to me create beautiful and unique products to celebrate new babies, becoming parents, adpotions, christenings, marriages, civil partnerships, birthdays, Christmas plus Mother's and Father's day. All our products are created using original hand drawn illustrations using high quality materials.

Our lives are so busy and high tech these days, and our children grow up so quickly that it's very easy to rush through life without taking a moment to reflect. I hope our guided journals will inspire you and your loved ones to record, in a delightful way, experiences and unrepeatable moments to create a priceless record that can be treasured forever.

Thank you