Altered Chic

Altered Chic

Our story began in the summer of 2009, when us – that’s me, Lisa, and my partner John, opened Altered Chic.

I have always enjoyed making gifts for family and friends, and John persuaded me to take my passion a step further and share my creations at a small local craft fair in Bakewell, Derbyshire.

After receiving some amazing feedback from customers, we knew the next step was to share our products with a wider audience. We launched our shop on Notonthehighstreet which contained a selection of products, many of which we still sell today - albeit with a few changes here and there!

At this time, we were both still in full-time employment, splitting our time between our jobs and the business, which was starting to become a larger feature in both of our lives. In 2011, I left my day job to work exclusively on Altered Chic.

In January 2014 after another successful albeit exceptionally busy Christmas period, we decided that the house was getting a little too full and working in a small workshop out back was no longer practical. Our daughter, Layla, was just starting to walk and it was no longer a suitable environment for the business to continue to grow. We had to move, and fortunately for us we managed to secure two units in The Clocktower which is only a few minutes away from our home.

We finally got another pair of hands when my sister, Claire joined the business during the summer. Following a brief stint in the world of teaching, John took the decision to become self-employed, splitting his time between his own web development ventures and working with me to develop the business and get his hands dirty when it’s busy. As it often is!

In 2016 we continue to hand-cut, hand-paint and put together our colourful selection of products with love and care – just as we always have done - in our Derbyshire workshop and studio. We believe that our homes are a special place and that everything in them should be special too.

Please feel free to browse through our collection and contact us with any questions you may have.