The Little Kit Company

The Little Kit Company

How The Little Kit Company came to be:

I bought a wine making kit as a gift a few years back. The kit, which I sourced from various den-like home brew shops, was sitting on my kitchen table ready to be wrapped. It was bulky, ugly and generally uninspiring, and was not the creative thoughtful gift I had envisaged giving! An idea seeded itself in my mind, what if there was a wine kit that!

These kits allow you to make small quantities of wine, look good in your kitchen and not so, well.. scientific and give you the option to make wine simply a easily from fresh fruit and veg. Over the course of about a year I talked to people about my idea, and eventually realised I was not alone, other people were interested in making wine in the way I was. And The Little Wine Kit was born!

Now, some months down the road of putting my thoughts into reality, I am proud to say I have fulfilled many other specifications that are important to me including:

Locally sourced packaging and parts

Proud to be made in Great Britain

Ethical trading