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The Linen Peddler

The Linen Peddler

The Linen Peddler meddles and peddles in vintage and not so vintage fine linens and cottons. Old suitcases carry a cornucopia of bespoke treasures.

Start rummaging and you will find sumptuous cushions adorned with engraved drawings of taxidermy reminiscent of the Victorian Cabinet of curiosities. Delve deeper to unearth artisan table runners and napkins, decorated with hand printed images of ‘Fruits de la Mer ’ inspired by warm summer afternoons in the south of France sipping crisp chilled white wine whilst eating lobsters, crabs and prawns from ice covered platters. Heaven!

For your tea party there are delicate vintage doilies printed with Alice in Wonderland inspired teacups, cakes and crowns, to name but a few items.

Hording comes naturally to the Linen Peddler and the eclectic mix of objects, junk and jumble acquired over time is the main influence for her many collections.

Jane Howarth is currently a Senior Lecturer and Head of Fashion/Textiles on the Foundation course at the University for the Creative Arts, Maidstone. She has a BA Hons in Fashion/Textiles and a Postgraduate in printed textiles.

She has been producing her own diverse work for many years and has featured in articles, magazines and books such as Casa Vogue, Living Etc, Noi-se, Metro, Shop eat drink London, to name a few. Recent exhibitions of her sculptural art pieces include The Saatchi gallery ‘Burning Bright ‘ exhibition at The Hyatt Churchill, London.