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The Letter Loft

The Letter Loft

About The Letter Loft

Nestling in the Gloucestershire countryside is Stables Cottage. In stables Cottage lives Jodie, Neil, Digby (the beagle puppy) and lots and lots of letters. Here, there, everywhere.

If you are new to the shop, welcome! If you have been before, then you may be wondering about the name change. Let me explain…

The inspiration for my business came when we made moss decorative letters for our wedding in 2012. I had always wanted to work for myself and be part of something creative and pretty, and this accidental love of moss was the beginning.

I launched in July 2013 as The Moss Letter Company after realising there were other mossy enthusiasts out there and haven't looked back since.

It has been a wonderful successful experience but why stop there? In 2015 after seeing that there were a lot of other fun materials I could be using other than just moss, I decided to re-launch with new products and a new name. Previously you would have found me with moss in my hair and a smile on my face. Nowadays, it could be moss, cement, cork…….but still the smile!

But don’t worry mossy fans! The Moss Letters are still here and you will find all your fave mossy items.

Find your perfect, personalised, present! All of the letters are designed and made by The Letter Loft brand, a Cotswold based British business. Everything is made either in the UK (where I live) or Spain (where my talented Pop lives).

I offer a complete bespoke service, so if you want a moss portrait of your Nan, I am so game. Drop me a message with your ideas!