the imagination of ladysnail

the imagination of ladysnail

From the imagination of ladysnail is by illustrator and print-maker Debbie Greenaway.

I have always loved drawing and whilst at college I discovered print-making. Screenprinting is my favourite method of creating colourful illustrations. Once the design is on a screen, there is no looking back, only forwards to the endless colour and printable material choices. I also make little badges and hand sewn items. I work from home in an upstairs studio that is full of cacti, paper, books, silk screens, paints and ink. The radio is often on and try as I might, I cannot sing but will do so anyway!

Ideas often start with random doodles. I take a sketchbook with me everywhere and can be found nibbling biscuits and nursing a cup of tea while scribbling away. If a doodle stands out or gains attention from friends or family it is often selected to make it to the next stage when the character or drawing is developed further into a screenprint or badge design.

Little pictures can tell a big story.

I will soon be starting a masters course in Children's Book Illustration. Keep your eyes open for new work!