Food Guide UK

Food Guide UK

What is The Food Guide?

A collection of info-graphics and home-wares designed by Lahla Smart.

Everything she designs has a focus on food, whether it’s growing it, serving it up beautifully for friends for just taking delight in it – and how great it tastes!

From stationary to kitchenware, each product will inspire you to cook creatively and help you eat well. Her range includes tea towels, page markers, posters and ceramics all made in the UK.

The Food Guide is here to inspire you in the kitchen but they also want to promote resourceful cooking. 'If you love food, don’t waste it.'

We pride ourselves on making everything in the UK. All our products are either hand made by Lahla or by our small team of makers in Cornwall, Stoke-On-Trent and London.

All products are designed by ©Lahla Smart