Storm In A Teacup

Storm In A Teacup

Storm In A Teacup is based in South-West London and consists of just one person: me, Jennifer!

I lovingly design and make vintage and contemporary jewellery and accessories. They often have a whimsical, nostalgic feel to them and I like to offer a refreshing alternative to the high street so you know your chosen gem is a little something different.

It began as a hobby in 2008 when I started handmaking unique birthday gifts for my friends, both male and female. A year later the result was a diverse range of jewellery that depicted my friends' equally diverse tastes. Realising how much time and love I was commiting to it I decided to take a big leap in 2009, leave my career in tv and film and pursue my jewellery making full time (hurray!)

It is really important to me to be environmentally aware in all aspects of running Storm in a Teacup and I'm committed to following responsible practices to minimise my impact on the environment. I use sustainable, recycled stationary and wrapping materials, recycle all packaging, collect supplies by bicycle wherever possible and strive to create an energy efficient work place.

Do get in touch if you have any questions, requests or would just like to know more!