Pushka Knobs

Pushka Knobs

Since our launch in 2009, Pushka has offered that little something different yo your home. Primarily selling unique handmade design led home products, carefully researched and sourced my our team

We source a variety of cupboard door knobs, mortice door knobs, light pulls and coat hooks to add a unique feel to your furniture and interior decor.

We specialise in materials such as ceramic, glass, crystal, granite, walnut and oak and work with independent importers and in house designers to provide a variety of shapes, styles and colours to suit all homes and tastes

We offer personalised knobs and hooks for that something extra special to you

Whether your chosen Pushka product is given as a gift, or a present to yourself we a sure it will become a unique addition to any home you can be assured of the highest quality and finish we provide.

Pushka is for customers seeking that something just a little bit different.

We hope you find something you love.

Lucy and Matt, Pushka Knobs