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My name is Cathy and a few years ago, my husband Ian, had a spark of an idea.

He bought a laser engraver which started an amazing journey resulting in the birth of Neltempo a year later.

Before joining ‘’ we did our time at the famous London Greenwich Market for designer makers, which was an immediate success. We gained confidence and received valuable customer feedback.

All our products are designed and lovingly made by us in our workshop on the Lawn estate in Rochford Essex. We are in the ‘Old farm office’ next to around 50 horses. The best bit is, I get to walk to work in good weather, through a beautiful country park.

Every item is personalised and bespoke so that you can give a unique gift that is heartfelt and special.

We use wood, lovely old vintage music, handmade paper and fabric, to create gifts for all occasions.

Made and wrapped with the utmost care just for you.