Myolee & Minimyo London

Myolee & Minimyo London

Myolee, is a London-based label for contemporary womenswear design.

SPLASH and pitta patter of tiny feet - Minimyo is our junior label. Minimyo specialises in high quality, quirky and cheerful knitwear for children. We've decided it time to venture into the wonderful world of childrenswear as Winnie is now a mommy. Being a designer herself, she knows exactly what is cute and comfortable for the little ones! :)

We believe our customers share our philosophy to not compromise on quality and present a unique style for our children.

We hope you love our colours, warmth and playfulness of the first collection - do you like our mini me dress up ideas?

We are working very hard to build on this and continue to grow this junior label :)

Love, Minimyo