We're the only company in the world where you can create personalised CDs and mp3 players. Remember how brilliant it felt to receive a mix tape? Well MixPixie provides professionally printed bespoke mp3 players and CDs in a mix tape style, but with high quality music, amazing album designs and a superb print finish, which is made just for you.

Choose your album artwork from over 1,000 designs and personalise your CD with text and photos. Then simply pick your favourite songs from our library of over 14 million tracks. Whether you’re after the latest chart-topping hits or some golden oldies, we’ve got all styles of music covered. MixPixie CDs make great gifts and we can send the CDs directly to the recipient too.

It's really quick and easy to do, so what are you waiting for? Let's get started!


How Do The Artists and Musicians Get Paid For The Songs I Choose?

We Pixies have been busy putting together lists, so that every song in the MixPixie song bank is registered to a record company, publishing company or directly with an artist or band. Each time you choose a song to be included on your album, The Pixies take a note of this and make sure that the people behind that song (i.e. the artists, bands, songwriters, musicians etc.), get the royalties they are owed. MixPixie fully supports all musicians, music companies and the official governing bodies of the music industry.

How Do I Let You Know What Songs I Want On My CD or MP3 Player?

Once you have placed your order simply contact us either through the confirmation email you'll receive or by clicking on the 'ASK SELLER A QUESTION' button on any of our product pages.

How Many Songs Can I Have On My CD?

You can choose up to 10 songs to go on a CD. Due to music licencing for compilation CDs, you can only choose up to 3 of the same artist or band on each compilation. If, unfortunatley, we do not have your chosen track we will contact you for an alternative track choice. If we do not hear back from you we will provide a cover version or similar track.

If I’m Not Happy With My CD, Can I Get A Refund?

At MixPixie, we always try to send your CDs and mp3 player in perfect condition. However, occasionally, problems can arise. In the unlikely event that a product is faulty, or it is damaged in delivery or is the wrong item, we ask you to contact us to let us know of the problem as soon as possible. We will then advise you on whether you are eligible for a refund or replacement.