We are family who love designing products from marble, slate and other traditional materials.

We used to have 2 storefronts "made from marble" and "made from slate". We have now changed our name to Marbletree so that we can sell everything under one name. The name "made from marble" never worked very well when we were selling slate!

We sell items for the kitchen and home which are hand crafted from beautiful quality marble, slate and other traditional materials. Our personalised boards are engraved using the beautiful traditional V Cut method of engraving.

Our products make fabulous wedding and special occasion gifts as a beautifully carved piece of marble, slate or oak will last for ever.

We were delighted to be nominated by Not on the High Street customers in 2013 for best customer service - something we are passionate about.

We hope that you enjoy our beautiful and unique products - please be in touch if you need any help x