Louise Mary Designs

Louise Mary Designs

Louise Mary creates silverware and jewellery inspired by nature and in particular, the plant world.

Her distinctive Flower collection features freshwater pearls and 18 carat gold details combined with silver. In her bamboo range, she creates earrings, bracelets and necklaces which combine silver with semi precious gemstones such as amethyst and hematite.

She is drawn to working with silver because of its malleability and beauty, and specialises in the technique of 'fold forming'. This technique features in her Folded Leaf collection. and involves working with flat sheets of silver which are folded, pressed (by rolling or hammering) and then opened again, leaving the fold defined in the silver which creates forms similar to leaves and the other natural forms which inspire her.

Louise also uses other traditional silversmithing techniques, such as piercing, soldering and roll printing in her work, she says: ‘I am very passionate about the craft of silversmithing, and it is my aim to respond directly to the silver as I work with it. It is important that each silverware piece is handmade – giving each piece a truly individual, organic shape. Although they may look sculptural, all my pieces are completely functional – it is my hope that that they will be used, loved, and passed on as heirlooms of the future.’

Every piece is made in Louise's studio in South Derbyshire. Louise also frequently works to commission, and makes many one-off designs for customers, so please do contact her to discuss your ideas, or if you would like one of the designs in her collection slightly modified, such as with a particular chain length.