Little Tree Furniture is a family run company set up by Neil Buckley-Jensen who found a passion for handmade hardwood furniture a few years ago when he designed some furniture whilst on a holiday in India.

He found some carpenters, had the furniture made and shipped it home. Friends that visited his home liked the furniture so much that they wanted some, then their friends wanted some and so the business was formed!

We specialise in handmade, hardwood quality furniture. No veneers or imitation woods are ever used; just natural solid wood.

Wherever we can, we use reclaimed wood which can be over 150 years old which fits with our principles of 'wood working with a conscience', these principles apply to the materials we use and the peoples' lives that the we come into contact with both at home and overseas.

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Unit 4 Napier House, Elva Way, Bexhill On Sea, East Sussex, TN39 5BF, GB


Delivery Timescales:

Delivery is usually within 14 - 21 days if your item is in stock. Please refer to our ‘Terms and Conditions’ regarding items that are not currently in stock or that are being especially commissioned. Once your item is available we will endeavour to deliver to you as soon as possible and we will keep you informed and updated with progress and anticipated delivery dates in advance. Please note that deliveries to Scotland may take longer to deliver.

Delivery - Accessories:

Our smaller accessory items will be sent to you via the Royal Mail or Parcel Force.

Delivery - Smaller to Medium Sized Items:

In order to maintain competitive rates, we generally operate a ONE man delivery service for smaller to medium sized items. Due to our affiliated delivery company’s insurance terms, their drivers are not allowed to deliver items single-handedly up flights of stairs. However, if assistance is provided by the recipient, the obliging drivers will often help to move items up flights of stairs, but please note that the items are not insured if damaged. This means the recipient (customer) will need to organise some form of assistance at the point of delivery should the items desired delivery room of choice be upstairs.

A re-delivery charge will apply if our affiliated delivery company arrive at a destination with a flight of stairs or awkward access and the recipient either refuses delivery, or has not made arrangements to assist the driver. It is illegal for the drivers to stop on a red-route, so the customer must ensure that the recipient has made alternative arrangements. Due to the nature of our affiliated delivery company’s insurance, they operate a door-to-door delivery service which means that items are delivered to the threshold of a property. Our affiliated delivery company’s friendly drivers will often assist in taking items beyond the threshold, but please note that they are not insured if any damage is caused, and therefore we cannot be held responsible. If customers do not wish for the drivers to assist in taking items beyond the threshold, please state this when booking the delivery.

Due to the fact that our affiliated delivery company deliver a wide range of furniture in a variety of finishes (distressed, fine finish etc) all recipients (customers) must inspect delivered item(s) and sign a delivery note to say that the item(s) are in 'as expected' condition. A redelivery charge will apply for items that are rejected by the recipient, except in the circumstance where items were damaged whilst in our/their possession. If the item is found to be damaged upon inspection the customer is to inform Little Tree Furniture to seek further instruction. It is then Little Tree Furniture’s responsibility to inform the delivery company if we require the item removing from the customer’s property and returning back to a delivery/collection Depot.

All deliveries are booked by our affiliated delivery company with our customers by telephone or email (3-4 Days prior to delivery).

The delivery driver will only deliver into a downstairs room of choice (upstairs only if it is safe for the driver to do so and if assistance is available).

The delivery driver will obtain a signed 'delivery note' and give the customer a 'safe delivery' receipt.

For clarity on what items constitute ‘Smaller to Medium Sized Items' please contact Little Tree Furniture direct.

Delivery - Large Sized Items:

Large Sized Items (multiple large, bulky, heavy items) we have a 2 man affiliated delivery team, and where possible they will do their utmost to put the items in our customer’s room of choice.

All room of choice deliveries will be subject to a site survey by our affiliated delivery team who will assess whether it is possible to place the item in the customer’s room of choice.

If the delivery team deems it possible to place the item in the room of choice then the customer is required to read the delivery organisations disclaimer and will be required to sign to confirm they understand its content. If the customer is unhappy to sign the disclaimer, all deliveries will be to the doorstep only.

If in the event that after the site survey the delivery team deems it unsafe or considers that they would be unable to place the item in the customer’s room of choice, the delivery team would ask the customer for an alternative room to place the product.

In the unfortunate event our affiliated delivery company are unable to place the product in any room of choice then the item will be left in the safest possible location that the customer is happy with.

For Larger Items, all assembly and un-wrapping requirements must be advised prior to delivery in order for our affiliated delivery company to place such requirements on the delivery note(s). If a situation arises and the customer insists on un-wrapping the delivery team will contact Little Tree Furniture for instruction, if no contact is made the delivery company reserves the right to charge for this service.

Once all the items are positioned in the appropriate place the delivery team will then ask our customer to sign for the item(s).

If the item is found to be damaged upon inspection the customer is to inform Little Tree Furniture to seek further instruction. It is then Little Tree Furniture’s responsibility to inform the delivery company if we require the item removing from the customer’s property and returning back to a delivery/collection Depot.

Upon delivery our affiliated delivery company will ask all customers to sign a damage disclaimer before entering their property and placing the item in the room of choice, whilst in the property if any damage to the premises or property occurs then neither ourselves (Little Tree Furniture) nor our affiliated delivery company shall be held liable under any circumstances. If the customer refuses to sign the property damage disclaimer, their delivery will be to the doorstop only. (A copy of this disclaimer is available if required).

For the purpose of these ‘Terms’ an item is defined as any object that is moved, handled or stored by the delivery company. All damages must be reported in writing/email within 3 days of delivery.

Our Larger Items affiliated delivery company will make 1 attempted delivery, if the customer is not present at the confirmed time of delivery the driver will leave a “we called card” stating time and date and drivers name, it will also ask the customer to contact the delivery company to re-arrange delivery. This delivery will not be re-planned until the customer has contacted them. If the customer fails a 2nd confirmed delivery, a Surcharge will be applied direct to the customer.

For Larger Items our affiliated delivery company will call the customer at least 48 hours prior to delivery. The customer will then be given an am/pm window, and then as guidance only a 2-3 hr time slot.

The delivery company will require all contact details for the customer including all landline and mobile numbers, email addresses, and full postal address including postcode.

All customers will be contacted on 3 separate occasions; if the delivery company can still not make contact after the third attempt they will await response from Little Tree Furniture. If after 21 days the customer has not contacted the delivery company, arrangements will be made for the goods to be returned to Little Tree Furniture and delivery and storage costs will be incurred by the customer.

For clarity on what items constitute ‘Larger Sized Items' please contact Little Tree Furniture direct.

Essential Delivery Information for Consideration:

It is your responsibility to ensure that your furniture items you have ordered will fit into the room for which they are intended, that they will fit through all access points to the room, and that there is sufficient access for our delivery vehicle to reach the delivery address. If we attempt to make a delivery and cannot access the room of choice due to size restrictions then a delivery charge will be applicable to you and not refundable.

It is your responsibility to advise us of any non-standard delivery circumstances that may apply at the point of ordering.

Where delivery bookings have been made: if you are unavailable to take delivery of your furniture order after agreeing delivery dates with us re-delivery charges may also apply.

Once a delivery date is agreed and is cancelled by you for more than one week storage costs may be incurred which you will be responsible.

As your item is handmade lead times for the item vary. If items are in stock they can be delivered to you within 14 days. If not, the usual lead time is usually 12 – 16 weeks. As orders are subject to wood availability etc this could occasionally mean that the lead time may extend up to 20 - 24 weeks.

Occasionally unforeseen circumstances may occur which ‘Little Tree Furniture’ has no control over, for this reason please be aware that under these circumstances lead times may extend up to 20 – 24 weeks for which we cannot be held responsible. We will endeavor to keep you informed at all times.

An adult must be present at the delivery address to carefully check the unwrapped products, sign and acknowledge receipt in a safe and satisfactory condition. Please report any defects on delivery.

The delivery crew will not attempt delivery if there are health and safety issues or where damage to your home may result and they will not remove doors and/or windows.

The delivery crew reserves the right to refuse to move items within your home if there is a risk of damage to the Item or to your home and property. You will be responsible for moving the Item(s).

We carry the risk of loss or damage to the products until you receive them. The products belong to you when you have received them and paid in full.

Final payment is required prior to delivery of your furniture item. Until that payment has been made the Item rightfully belongs to ‘Little Tree Furniture’. We have the right to take the item away if payment is not made.


Please note that recollection fee’s/return charges apply should you decide that your non-faulty item needs to be recollected or returned (beyond the control of Little Tree Furniture). This fee/charge is also applicable if you cancel your order on the scheduled day of delivery.

The charge is calculated on each individual item and is based on the Cubic Metre dimension of that item. This can be calculated by multiplying height by width by length which will give you the final total in m3. The return charges applicable are:

0 – 0.25m3 (cubic metre’s) = £25 (per item)

0.26 + m3 (cubic metre’s) = £45 (per item)

Once the item has been recollected and returned to Little Tree Furniture, we will deduct the return charges and refund the outstanding balance.

Please note that ‘small’ accessory items can be returned via Royal Mail of Parcel Force at your expense. The items will need to be returned for signature delivery and ‘intact’ for resale. A refund will then be honoured.

For further information or if you require any clarification please contact us direct!

And finally - Anything that we have missed?...

If there is something in particular you feel we have not covered or that you would like clarity around please contact us direct and we will be happy to give you a response.

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Terms and Conditions

All orders are subject to availability.

You are responsible for checking that all the details of your order are correct and suitable for your requirements including measurements, dimensions, product features, access and delivery.

All of our furniture is handmade according to the dimensions offered on the website, however as all items are handmade please allow a +/- 5mm variance on sizes stated.

Please note that as our furniture is made from reclaimed wood and other materials, some colour finishes may vary slightly to the photography because of the nature of the wood and its natural colouring.

Given that the products are handmade from natural reclaimed timber and we can not determine where a product is placed once purchased, whereby external factors may affect the wood, we offer a 12 month warranty. Please contact us for more information.

We reserve the right to refuse to serve an individual or company.

All prices are subject to change without notice at any time.

Anything that we have missed?...

If there is something in particular you feel we have not covered or that you would like clarity around please contact us direct and we will be happy to give you a response.

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