little love art - Christian Dakin Brown

little love art - Christian Dakin Brown

♥ After teaching Art, Design and Fashion for twelve years in the leafy Cheshire suburbs, Christian moved to the Hampshire coast with her husband and little dog Poppy.

After deliberating going back into full time teaching, she decided that creating little works of he'art' by the sea was much more enticing. And so her business, Little Love Art, was created.

Texture and pattern, in conjunction with her memories, have always been an inspiration to her art work. Her porcelain collection developed after inheriting lace and crochet pieces made by her grandmother. Mesmerised by the exquisite intricacies of these beautifully hand crafted pieces, she began experiments to connect her own work with that of my family.

......And then in 2010, her little miracle boy arrived. One particular photograph was very close to her heart, of her husband and little boy when he was minutes old. It wasn't the best quality photo but 'needing' the image on her wall as a visual reminder of that beautiful moment, she set about turning it into a work of art that she could look at every day.

And so she diversified into creating PERSONALISED SILHOUETTE IMAGES that she creates on the days that she doesn’t want to get her hands dirty with clay. A match made in heaven :) ♥

Please contact me with your individual needs and I'd be only too happy to help!


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