Laura Felicity Design

Laura Felicity Design

Laura Felicity Design is a London based independent business specialising in luxury and design. Laura's silk-screen printing skills and hand drawn patterns come together to create elegant handmade interior homewares.

Laura finds inspiration in the beauty and delicacy of patterns in a range of different areas, from the softness of nature to the clean lines of geometry. This inspiration follows through in her work, creating unique designs that unite patterns and layers in graceful combinations. Laura's aim is always to design a piece that has an atmosphere of freshness and depth, inviting people into the pattern.

Laura Felicity Design has its own, clear design style, which can find itself perfectly in sync with a wide range of interior design styles, from modern and contemporary to rustic and regency, depending on the approach to colour, scale and saturation.

The colour palette is classic, based on rustic looks and a light touch. Contrasting and complimentary colours build up the designs, making each piece subtle yet intriguing.

All product materials within Britain and the collection is completely hand drawn, handmade and silk screen printed within the UK. Laura want to bring a sense of the traditional, handcrafted, high quality era of British industry to all products.