Hello and welcome! I'm Ruth, graphic designer and mother of two.

I’ve created two unique products for you: imagINephotowords and imagINecraftkits.

imagINephotowords turn your photographs into words for a unique present. I pride myself on working closely with you to create the perfect personalised gift, accommodating all your ideas. imagINephotowords started as a successful fundraising idea for my son’s preschool using photos of the children leaving to go to school in the letters of their names.

imagINecraftkits include everything your child needs to create personalised, homemade cards using their own handprints. The kits also contain stickers which can also be personalised with your choice of wording to make the cards even more unique.

The idea for imagINecraftkits came after many happy hours with my children creating handmade cards for all occasions. I wanted to make it simple for your children to make and enjoy these too.

I was brought up and educated in Dublin. I studied Production Design at Dun Laoghaire College of Art and Design in Ireland. Since graduating in 1995, I have worked in the film industry in Ireland, Australia and the UK as a graphic artist and draughtsperson. My credits include Children of Men, Kingdom of Heaven, The Golden Compass and the first four Harry Potter films.