Hello Ruth

Hello Ruth

Welcome! Come on in, and say ‘Hello Ruth!’

We’re delighted that you’ve found your way to Hello Ruth owned and run by Ruth and her team.

You’ll find plenty of personalised photo words to give as gifts or decorate your space with personal memories.

We take great pleasure in creating high quality photo prints featuring your special photo memories. We have a wide range of anniversary gifts, birthday presents, family mementos and wedding gifts. And if there’s something special you’re looking for, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Why Hello Ruth?

Our brand name, Hello Ruth, was inspired by the emails and messages from customers asking for something special. They’d so often start off with that very phrase, before asking if we could make a piece of artwork just for them. Of course, the answer was yes!

Before Hello Ruth, owner Ruth worked in the film industry in Ireland, Australia and the UK as a graphic artist and draughtsperson. Her credits include Children of Men, Kingdom of Heaven, The Golden Compass and the first four Harry Potter films.