Fungi Futures

Fungi Futures

Fungi Futures CIC is an award winning social enterprise pioneering the growing of Oyster mushrooms from waste coffee grounds.

We love the simplicity of the idea, and want to involve, educate and inspire others too.

So why not have a go? Try one of our Grow Your Own Mushrooms Kits and grow your own delicous fresh Oyster mushrooms at home in just 14 days.

Made at Exeter Urban Farm, we collect hundreds of kilos of spent coffee grounds each week from Exeters cafes and mix it by hand with our own quality mushroom spawn to create the simplest, and most reliable Mushroom Grow Kit in the UK.

It takes just fourteen days until the first harvest of your very own beautiful, tasty Pearl Oyster Mushrooms. A wonderful gift for all those that love growing and eating their own gourmet produce.

We operate as a non-profit social enterprise, so thanks for supporting our work!