Emma's Soap

Emma's Soap

Emma’s Soap is a blend of natural oils to make nothing but soap, no preservatives, foaming agents, artificial colours or fragrances. Wanting to know the exact source of all the ingredients, Emma only uses the highest grade quality oils, organic and unrefined, and her own beeswax from local beekeepers.

Emma’s Soap does not contain palm oil, a crop used for a myriad of purposes, as she discovered that there is no Material Identity Card (MIC) scheme in place to trace the raw material of palm oil from its origins, as it is impossible to know exactly which plantations the oil has originated from.

Emma’s Soap products are wrapped in organic fair trade cotton. This was an early ethical decision, re-usable, as promoted by her Reduce Reuse Recycle ideas for re-using the packaging:

- Collect the fabric squares and make a patchwork, bag, pillow or even a quilt

- Use to top your homemade jam, chutney or pickles

- Make clothes for your best loved doll or teddy

- Use to wrap your soap when travelling

- Return to Emma’s Soap to be reused and get 5p off next purchase