Emma Chapman jewels

Emma Chapman jewels

Emma Chapman is an award winning London and Paris Fashion Week designer. Her label creates opulent, glamorous and beautiful designer gemstone jewellery which is exotic but has a contemporary edge.

Using rich sumptuous colours, Collections vary from the luxurious to the more casual, mixing influences of ancient and modern, gemstones and diamonds.

With a background in the Film and Theatre world, where she has worked with celebrities ranging from Uma Thurman and Catherine Deneuve to Helena Bonham Carter, her work has been featured in numerous articles including in the Times, Harpers Bazaar, Elle Magazine, Harpers Bazaar, Telegraph and Vogue..

Her inspiration comes from her extensive travels around the world, especially to the East. She brings the mystery, magic and romance of the East into her work. All the jewellery is handmade in her workshops by mastercraftsment and stone cutters..

All the jewellery you buy will come in a beautiful complimentary hand made pouch.