Corinne Hamak

Corinne Hamak Corinne’s cosmopolitan up bringing her travels and her studies at St Martins have created a diverse and innovative base, which she cultivates in her work.Inspired by nature and the African landscape combining with intuitively wax carving I use silver and gold. My love for colour and fascination with the healing properties within stones has influenced me to work with both precious and semi precious gems in my first collection-the Rings Collection.The idea for the unity collection came from looking at everything as a continuing process of integration where all is one, people and cultures in a small world. As well as the African landscape which is a prolonged inspiration to my work. As I have experimented before in combining silver and gold this time the idea was to create the whole range with this fusion which also allows for items being worn together rings, bangles, necklaces and earrings.The third collection is more artistic in style and was inspired by a trip to Mexico, some items have been slightly modified for the shops to help with being more commercial, it has a combination of simplicity and intriguing shapes.The world Collection is a story of travelling the world.