button it

button it

Hi, I’m Michelle, and I love buttons.

I’m drawn like a magpie to the pretty colours and shapes. They take me back to my childhood innocence, and remind me of my Grandma’s button tin. I often notice the buttons on clothes, before looking at the actual garment, and my fiance likes to call me a button pigeon as I’m often cooing “ooh i like those buttons” !

Like many a good idea, buttons chose me. I saw some delicious teal chunky buttons in a bead shop while buying something else, and thought they’d make a nice, quirky and unusual bracelet. Lots of customers in the gift shop I worked in, loved it and asked me to make them one. I ended up buying all of the teal buttons in the bead shop!

I learnt to crochet and knit, by watching videos on youtube, and with my mum on hand to show me what i was doing wrong. I enjoy mixing wool with buttons, to give accessories that real vintage, handmade feel, and because I am also a colour-holic, I love to mix colour combinations, sometimes the more they clash, the better it looks!

I live in Northamptonshire with my fiance Kev, and 1year old husky Walter. Kev is my IT man, and the brain behind my website. Walter is my source of endless fun and a dutiful assistant on the daily post office run. I love having an excuse to walk in the countryside, that we are so lucky to have on our doorstep, but in the winter there’s nowhere I’d rather be than under a blanket with my crochet hook!

I hope you love my pretties, I love making them. I also love to work on custom orders (wedding invitations, special birthday gifts or cards), so if you’d like something special making, please just ask!

love and buttons, michelle xxx