Book page art, jewellery and greetings cards.

wall envy art is now known as Bookishly!

I use rescued books and sheet music, hand framed in eco-friendly wood. wall envy art's signature 'block frames' are made locally by a small family business (my family!) and are nice and light for worldwide shipping. There is no glass so you can feel the lovely old pages.

I've been going since 2009 and have developed a range featuring old favourites like Oscar Wilde and Pride and Prejudice, as well as my unique 'geek' range using binary and mathematical equations, among many others. Each piece is printed onto an individual original book page using my exclusive hand drawn font, so you know your art will be unique.

I've had work featured in a number of national and international magazines and blogs, including Country Homes and Interiors, Ideal Home and Scottish Homes and Interiors.

I'm excited to have just launched a new range of typographic prints of your very own computer software! Have a look at hello world here: