bojje was established with a love of forging simple honest materials together with an expressive graceful style. We now produce unique, harmonious and functional objects to use in your kitchen and home. We are committed to our belief in producing the highest quality products designed in our own inimitable style.

The two founders (a designer and a chef) both have a passion for producing new, simple and balanced creations with added pizzazz. In our work we both use classic and contemporary methods and are only happy with extremely yummy outcomes. To this end we are launching the Wild Flower range of kitchen utensils.

We are very skilled in the use of wood. We combine traditional woodworking methods with ancient woodland crafts and cutting edge technologies to produce our exquisite wood wares. We also have equal skills in the forming and finishing of many metals, stainless steel being most appropriate for use with food.

We manufacture all our products in Great Britain.

We hope you'll agree that our products at bojje are as appealing and as pleasurable to use as we do.