Bish Bosh Becca

Bish Bosh Becca

Welcome to Bish Bosh Becca

Our main ethos at Bish Bosh Becca is to provide you with the quality and service we would expect to receive ourselves.

We are passionate about our jewellery and freshwater pearls are our favourite gemstone. We love their superb lustre and versatility. We use them in our dainty single pearl pendants and our dramatic statement necklaces. We work with both 92.5% sterling silver and fine silver 99.9%. The fine silver iss made by the Karen Hill Tribe Artisans of Northern Thailand. We purchase directly from a co operative of artisans in order to ensure they get the best price for their work. Each artisan makes one specific design and hands these designs down through the generations.

Our latest range, created by Sarah-Jane in her Hampshire studio, is keepsake jewellery to celebrate those special moments. Maybe a birthday, wedding or Christening.

We also make a lot of our most popular jewellery in miniature for children as well as the Mama et Moi range. So your little princess can be just like Mummy!

Finally if you are wondering where our name came from – it is after Sarah-Jane’s daughter, who is now in her twenties. When she was much, much younger she seemed incapable of moving anywhere without falling over, so was nicknamed - Bish Bosh Becca.