Becka Griffin Illustration

Becka Griffin Illustration

I'm a designer and illustrator based in north-west England.

I enjoy creating unique and personalised cards and prints. Many of my products are made by myself in my studio in an old warehouse in Liverpool's Baltic Triangle; and I do my best to source products and materials from within the UK.

I have an obsession with alphabets and have drawn around twenty different themed alphabets - including an A-Z of my greatest love, cheese. This range is constantly evolving and being added to. I'm also fascinated by the built environment. I work mainly in watercolour and ink, but also manipulate my images digitally when necessary.

My personalised cards are all made using a font which I sat and drew by hand, using a dip pen and ink. Each personalised card is made digitally, but by individually placing each letter and adjusting the personalisation by eye until it looks "right"! It's a time consuming process but the result is both unique and totally personal.

I'm also working on an expanding range of 'punny' cards, mostly featuring food items. I love thinking up suitable funny sayings to accompany my little illustrations, transforming a drawing of a vegetable into a funny birthday card, for example!

I love making products which make people smile; there's nothing better than watching the delight on someone's face as they open a personalised card, or their expression as they try and figure out what each of the tiny images on an alphabet card is.