Amanda Jane's

Amanda Jane's

As an artist and designer I strive to make products that people will want to keep rather than a temporary fad that won't last.

My artwork is based around the theme of 'Curiouser stories of fairytale landscapes and childhood memoirs'. Responding to certain places and feelings with colour to create specific ambiences of moods, marrying colour with a feeling. The creation of these colour stories is an important and long process within each piece to recreate a moment in time. A personal place of love, adventure and fair tales come together to remind us as an adult; what we searched for as a child.

I originally trained in Fashion and Textiles in Edinburgh receiving a Merited BTEC Diploma. I then went onto receive a BA (Hons) Degree in contemporary applied arts at the University of Cumbria. Since graduating in 2011, I have been building my brand and products, creating unique artwork and giftware using a combination of photography, screen printing and embroidery. Most of my customers remember my work by the use of my restricted and delicate colour palettes.

All creations are handmade from start to finish with hand dyed fabrics, stitch and screen printing, making every piece an original. It is important to me that anyone can take home something from the artwork. This is why the product ranges from earrings up to the high end installations. Commission pieces of all kinds are welcomed, just send a message through

Handmade in Manchester with love and care.