Personalised Gifts

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personalised gifts

Don't worry; we're not about to start calling you names. If you're looking for something for that truly special someone, a personalised gift is definitely the way forward. By creating something that is uniquely personal you can make a real statement about how much someone means to you, as well as give them something that they'll really treasure.

Our range of personalised gifts is – forgive us a little boast here - huge and demonstrates the increasingly inspired and creative ways you can add that personal touch to your gift.

personalised products

inspiration for personalised products


A great gift is about truth... and we don't just mean what's really in that box in his shed or where she keeps her old editions of Bunty. Have a think about things the person you're buying for loves doing... are they into fashion or football? Gardening or going out? What's their favourite colour?
Do they love chips? Hate garlic? What's their Sunday morning ritual?
Everyone has odd things that only you notice and these are a big part of why you love them. Of course, not everyone would like the world knowing that they have a secret crush on Nicholas Witchell, which is why so many of our sellers' products can be personalised in discreet and clever ways.


We're sure Kirsty and Phil would agree; life is all about location and this is rich territory for adding a personal touch to your gift. Think about the places you've been together... this doesn't have to be holidays (although they're a really good start) but could also be a favourite pub, a place of birth for you, them, a parent or a child, or even memories of school or university days.
Many people have great memories of their first home or honeymoon destination. Using locations is a really powerful way of bringing back wonderful memories, whether shared or solo, and we love the creative ways some of our sellers have of making maps and co-ordinates cool.


Who doesn't love a sentimental message? Perhaps the most sincere way of personalising a gift is to consider the things you love about a person and talk about them in your own words. Some people love jokes (especially bad jokes!) and others cherish a more serious message, such as a poem or a short message. You don't have to be overt either; some of our favourite products use clever codes or hidden messages to say something bold in a discreet and charming way, ensuring you can call them ‘Snuggly-chops’ in public without anyone else realising it!

Personalised Child's Apron by 3 Blonde Bears Bespoke Map Heart by Bombus Personalised 'I love you more than…' print by Rosie Robins

personal stories

personalised destination print
"I made a treasure hunt leading to the picture and covered up the last destination which gave me time to get on one knee.She loved it so much that later than night she went into labour two weeks early. Soon after, we had our beautiful daughter Annabel. What a few days!
Thank you for helping make it so special."
Personalised Silver Location Bracelet by Sally Clay Jewellery Design
"I frequently receive orders from women whose husbands serve in the forces. Each necklace or bracelet carries the latitude and longitude of home, a reminder of what waits for them while they are serving their country abroad."
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