How It Works

We’re a marketplace

...which means that everything on our site is sold and sent directly by the creative small business that made, sourced or selected it.

how it works

What this means for you

  • Shop from the internet’s most creative businesses
    You won’t find a single style or type of product on our site. You will find original products from the best creative small businesses.
  • It’s easy to order from more than one seller
    However many sellers you order from, you’ll only pay once through our simple checkout. Just remember that if your items come from different sellers, delivery costs and timings might vary, and your items may arrive separately (who doesn’t love multiple surprises in the post).
  • Questions? Ask before you order
    If you have a question about a product or want to know if it can be made specific to your requirements, you can get in touch with the seller directly by clicking ask seller a question on any product page.
  • You’ll get a few emails from us when you order something
    We’ll confirm that we’ve received your order and payment, and then once the seller accepts your order we’ll be in touch to confirm dispatch and delivery times too.

A few things you might not know

  • Many items are delivered free
    You’ll find delivery prices for each product on our product pages. Express and international delivery are also available on many products.
  • You can add gift notes and wrapping to many items
    Handy if you’re buying a gift to be sent to the recipient.
  • You can buy for your business (or someone else’s)
    Our corporate gifts range is ideal if you need 100 of something, rather than just one.
  • Create your own wish list
    Keep track of all the things you love, then share the list with friends and family to make sure you get all the things you really want for your birthday or at Christmas.
  • Stay on top of birthdays and other occasions
    Add your friends’ and family’s birthdays and other occasions into your personal gift calendar and get a reminder any time you need to buy a gift.

We’re here to help

Our award-winning customer service team is available six days a week. Ask for help or advice, tell us what you like (or what you don’t) by contacting us. That way, we can make sure you’re always looked after.

Safe and secure shopping

We accept all major credit and debit cards, including Switch, Visa, Delta, MasterCard and American Express, and our online payment processing system is endorsed with VeriSign certificates. So you can be sure your card details are always safe with us.

How did we do?

Sometimes you just want to know what other people think. We work with Feefo, the most trusted independent customer feedback forum, to give you the chance to rate your experience. Once your order’s been sent you’ll receive a short survey email from Feefo. Your feedback helps us and our sellers improve what it’s like to shop with us. See our service rating and reviews.

Sell with us

We’re always on the lookout for new ideas and talent to join us at So if you want to be part of our award-winning online marketplace, you can find out more or contact us at