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Flowers and plants improve our environment and well being

Floral Stylist

Colour the urban environment with flowers and plants

As a floral stylist and award-winning planting designer I am lucky to live a flower-filled life. I grow as many flowers as possible in a small inner-city garden cramming every available space with pots and planters that change with the seasons. I wrote about how to do this in my book Urban Flowers.

As our 21st century cities get bigger and become more densely populated it is imperative that we remain in touch with the natural world. From cultivating courtyard gardens to planting window boxes or growing vertically against walls and up drainpipes, there are lots of easy ways to do this.

My product range includes homemade seasonal arrangements of dried flowers and herbs that I harvest from my own garden to provide a sustainable way of bringing nature indoors and preserving the beauty of flowers beyond their natural lifespan.

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