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We make delicious dukkahs to serve as dips and seasoning... perfect to nibble and sprinkle.

The Dukkah Company’s dips are all about flavour and texture with a super amount of nutrition in there too. Dukkah (“doo-ka”) is a traditional North African dish of nuts, seeds & spices blended to serve as a dip. Simply serve dukkah with fresh bread, dunk into olive oil & then into the dukkah. It’s perfect with evening drinks, as simple starter or a nutritious snack. Bread, oil, dukkah, done! As an ingredient, dukkah is very versatile. As a seasoning it adds a touch of magic to salads & soups, a crunchy topping for cauli cheese & a tasty coating for fish & meats. Serve it straight from the tub or to release even more of the aromatic flavours, it can be gently toasted in a dry pan before serving. Based in Cornwall, The Dukkah Company hand blend all their dukkahs in small batches to ensure great quality, freshness & taste. Using 100% natural ingredients, just nuts, seeds & spices, blends are all gluten free, suitable for vegetarian & vegan diets. Dip it, Season it, Coat it, ...Dukkah it!

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