Surprising Mum
Mother's day idea

Vintage Perfume Day

£39 »

Think beyond a bottle of perfume – take a trip through fragrance history with this unique experience.

Mother's day idea

'Best Mum' Marshmallows

£7 »

This box of personalised marshmallows hides the ultimate surprise reveal.

Mother's day idea

'Dear Mum' Journal

£13 »

Capture the most important moments of mum’s life, straight from the source.

Mother's day idea

Personalised Cake Stencil

£16.95 »

A personalised badge of honour for the woman who knows her way around a Baked Alaska.

Mother's day idea

Gin Martini Cocktail Box

£26 »

Everything the budding mixologist needs to create the perfect cocktail.

Mother's day idea

'Room Service' Card

£3.50 »

It’s your mum’s day – make sure she calls the shots with this vintage room service card.

Mother's day idea

Personalised Rolling Pin

£26 »

With this personalised rolling pin, your mum can put her stamp (literally) on everything she bakes.

Mother's day idea

Personalised Recipe Box

£45 »

Whether your mum’s a star baker or a master chef, give her delicious creations the home they deserve with this personalised recipe box.

Mother's day idea

Plantable Wrapping Paper

£4.99 »

The ultimate in recycling – plant this wrapping paper (yep, plant it) and watch a beautiful bouquet of flowers bloom into life.

Mother's day idea

Personalised Love Note

£21 »

Your personalised note is hand-stitched onto wool felt, while its linen envelope makes the perfect hiding place for a small token gift.

Mother's day idea

Personalised Keepsake Gift

£14.95 »

Go beyond a card this Mother’s Day – surprise her with this miniature personalised keepsake.

Mother's day idea

'Grandma Is Brilliant' Book

£15.95 »

Turn the kids into published authors with this personalised book for grandma. (She always knew they were destined for big things.)

Mother's day idea

Favourite Memories Box

£22 »

The holidays. The Sunday dinners. The truly shocking hairstyles. Fill this box with memories to be unwrapped and re-lived.

Mother's day idea

Secret Message Locket

£18 »

This locket isn’t just eye-catching – its secret message compartment is worthy of The Da Vinci Code.

Mother's day idea

'Love Letter' Purse

£48.50 »

Purse during the day, chic mini clutch at night – and under the flap a secret, handwritten message. A one-of-a-kind style icon.

Mother's day idea

Hula Class For Two

£25 »

Twirl, wiggle and whirl under the expert tutelage of Marawa the Amazing, world-record-holding hula hoopist. Completely normal day out, then.

Mother's day idea

Macaron-making Class

£105 »

Give your mum a macaron and she’ll be happy for a day. Teach your mum to make macarons and she’ll be happy for the rest of her life. (Plus you get surplus macarons. It literally can’t fail.)

Mother's day idea

Our Home Print

£9.50 »

Home is where your mum is – this personalised print celebrates your family’s most memorable moments.

Mother's day idea

Terrarium Design School

£68 »

Flowers aren’t surprising. A class that provides everything your mum needs to design her own terrarium? That’s more like it.

Mother's day idea

Vintage Headpiece Workshop

£69 »

Whether your mum has a wedding to attend, a day at the races or just a year-round penchant for fancy headwear, this experience gift will let her craft something full of personality.

Mother's day idea

Friends And Family Locket

£22 »

This locket hides a unique surprise – open it up to reveal four pictures rather than two. Now your mum can carry pictures of every kid, not just her favourite (you).

Mother's day idea

Book Of Everyone

£19.50 »

She might have read enough crime fiction to solve a case at twenty paces, but she won’t be expecting a personalised book of her life, lovingly curated by you.

Mother's day idea

Wild Flower Bouquet

£35 »

Flowers don’t have to be predictable – these wild flower bouquets are completely seasonal, bringing together the best homegrown stems to create a wonderfully unique gift.

Mother's day idea

Photo Cushion

£40 »

Add a little surprise to the most unexpected places with this personalised photo cushion.

Mother's day idea

‘Gin' Tea Cup And Saucer

£34 »

Anyone for a cuppa? We’ll have a double, with slimline tonic.


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