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Our Story

Like our namesake, Saicho, we are on a mission to bring sparkling tea to the drinks receptions and dining tables of the world.

Saicho – a single origin sparkling tea brand – offers an elevated way to enjoy non-alcoholic drinking and dining with its pioneering Champagne-like teas that promote as much nuance, flavour and provenance as premium wines.

Perfect for pairing dinners, aperitifs or to celebrate with a toast on a sparkling note, Saicho is the creation of Hong Kong native Natalie and her partner Charlie Winkworth-Smith. Charlie and Natalie have always had a passion

for food and drink. Now husband and wife, they met whilst studying PhDs in Food Science.

The exciting new drink is the product of Natalie’s exposure to two well-established tea cultures and offers a unique and refreshing alternative for the growing discerning crowds who are seeking to drink less. Since its launch, Saicho has been welcomed by numerous renowned sommeliers, hoteliers and chefs consumers as an ideal addition to the increasingly popular low and no alcohol market.

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Our Darjeeling farmer's tea garden

Award winning sparkling teas

It's all about the teas. We source the best teas and only use single origin to create our sparkling teas. We can wait for you to try our award winning range.

The essence of Saicho is that we source the highest quality single origin teas from around the world and let their natural flavours shine through.

Each tea has been selected from specific regions and harvested at a certain time to create varying acidities, sweetness and mouthfeel that complement certain foods and flavours. The masterful brewing process of each Saicho tea starts with brewing the tea leaves at a low temperature for 24 hours to extract the delicate aromatics without over-extracting the bitter and astringent compounds, to produce a clean, crisp and complex flavour profile. The drinks are then delicately sparkled to enhance the natural aromatics of the tea.

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