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eco_page Eco Office. A low carbon workplace.

Here at we’re proud to work in a low carbon workplace, developed in a partnership between the Carbon Trust, Columbia Threadneedle Investments and property developer Stanhope.

They’ve refurbished our office into a modern, airy and energy-efficient workplace – and we want to make the most of this!

Therefore we’ve committed ourselves to work towards the Carbon Trust’s Low Carbon Workplace Standard. This means we’ll keep on minimising our energy consumption and carbon emissions, and receive certification as a Low Carbon Workplace.

Our highlights so far...

We’ve improved our energy performance rating from F (second to last) to B (second best… pretty good!).

Our office building emissions are 50% lower than the industry benchmark.

We’ve aligned our energy consumption with the number of people in the office. This means we’ve been able to cut down on energy usage and emissions by simply avoiding waste in empty rooms… sounds like a small thing but it has a big effect.

We’ve installed sensors in the office which detect CO2 produced by staff, to ensure we always have plenty of fresh air (and fresh minds).

Our goal

We aim to achieve certification as a Low Carbon Workplace within one year. Therefore we’re committed to reaching the following targets:

75.5 kg CO2 per metre2, per year


1.5 tonnes CO2 per person, per year

More trees, please

How many trees do we plant a year?

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A whopping


Working in conjunction with a Fruitful office for every fruit basket we have a tree is planted ... we like our fruit.

Partner eco stories

It’s not just NOTHS HQ who care about the environment... our Partners do too!

Little Tree Furniture

They recycle old, reclaimed colourful timber from 100-150 year old fishing boats and hand carved fortress doors to create their handmade upcycled furniture. No veneers or imitation woods in sight!

Fungi Futures

These guys operate as a non-profit social enterprise, collecting and re-cycling hundreds of kilos of spent coffee grounds each week from Exeter's cafes to use as the soil for their mushroom kits. As if we could love coffee any more...