curation policy



The modernisation and ubiquity of the traditional High Street have left many people seeking an alternative shopping experience. We know customers are frustrated by stores filled with common ideas and mass-produced products and crave the opportunity to discover something unique, personal and meaningful; both for themselves and for their loved ones.

Since it launched in 2006, has always been a different shopping destination. We want to bring human values back into retail, enabling the things you buy to say something about who you are. It’s what some call conscious consumerism.

Over the years, we are honoured that our approach has gained the trust of our customers. Trust founded on our curated product selection that embodies what’s at the heart of our brand - original designs, professional quality and inspiring stories behind the people that make them. We’ve been fortunate to experience exceptional growth, with our customers choosing to support small creative businesses and therefore contributing to building the great creative talent and community of artisans we have across the United Kingdom.

Our greatest opportunity lies in continuing to be the destination for our customers to discover products they can’t live without. We are excited by the role we have in connecting these two worlds – thoughtful consumers with passionate designers and makers – which allows us, in some small way, to make a difference to their lives and livelihoods.

Our Curation Policy

While our values have always been woven throughout what we do, over the past few months we’ve spent some time listening and speaking with our Partners* and customers to make sure we really understand what matters to the audiences most important to us. One of the things we learnt was an overwhelming desire for to truly embrace curation.

Through launching our Curation Policy we have the opportunity to clearly position and differentiate ourselves as the destination for unique, high quality and innovative products made by inspiring creative small businesses. We understand the decision to be clearer about what products we’re looking for will have implications for our Partners. But we also know the best way we can help our Partners to grow is to continue being successful ourselves.

So what does the Curation Policy mean? It’s really a framework we’ll use to influence and guide all of our decisions about our Partners and the products we have on the site today, and in the future. We want all of our Partners to contribute to a compelling shopping experience for our customers through their products, their brand story and the services they offer. In short, we want to consistently delight our customers through:

  • Products that are unique, high quality and innovative
  • Bringing to life the real stories behind our Partners
  • Services that make our product experience meaningful such as personalisation, customisation and above-and-beyond customer service.

We've been working collaboratively with our Partners over the past three months to support them to evolve and build their businesses. We hope most of our Partners choose to grow with us, but also understand for some, other channels may be better suited to their needs.

The launch of our new Curation Policy marks an opportunity for us to re-embrace what is great about With our 10th Anniversary this year, we are excited to begin 2016 with a refreshed energy and focus on building a brand that will continue to captivate our customers for decades to come.

*Please note, ‘Partner’ is how we refer to the small creative businesses that are part of