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We love stunning simplicity, and fully embrace the Swedish concept of 'Lagom' by striking the perfect balance of beautiful yet minimalist home accessories.

Jon & Sam are the husband and wife team behind Norrö Design. Jon is half Swedish and Sam is a Swede stuck in a Malaysian body! They love all things Scandinavian, and although Scandi style is on trend at the moment, Jon and Sam are not the type just to jump on a bandwagon. Their love for the Scandi aesthetic started a long time ago, on a Swedish island called Norrö.

Norrö is a tiny island in Stockholm's archipelago, blessed with crystal clear waters and raw landscapes. Little wooden summer houses dot the island's 4 km length. As a child, Jon spent his summers here with his family. His Mormor and Morfar (maternal grandmother and grandfather) owned a summer house on top of a hill called Toppen, the highest point on the island.

Endless summer days were spent swimming, fishing and cycling amongst the island's abundant flora. There was always a private beach, an unspoilt vista, the smell of pine trees, a quiet jetty, and the bounty of pleasures that freedom and nature bring.

In 2016, Jon visits the island again, after 25 years. He brings Sam with him to celebrate their first wedding anniversary by the beach. The island was exactly as how Jon remembered it, the scented pine trees, the jetty, the fern covered hills, the stillness, the clear waters all remain unchanged.

As they sat by the beach watching the waves gently lapping the jetty, Sam turned to Jon and said, 'Why can't everything in life be this simple? Why do we make things complicated for ourselves when the pleasure is really from the simple things?'. The question may remain unanswered but the simple, natural beauty of Norrö is where we draw the inspiration for our products from.

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We are a British design and interior styling company, taking our inspiration from Scandinavia.

At Norrö Design, we love creating a space that speaks of a calming and quiet sophistication. We believe in choosing to bring into our sacred home only things that we love. Our vision for home accessories is deeply rooted in quality craftsmanship, timelessness, a focus on natural materials and inspired by organic forms.

We have been designing, producing and selling our Nordic home accessories since May 2016. You'll often find us at craft and gift fairs across the south of England and also on Brick Lane in London. Our pieces have sold far and wide to customers from all over the world, from Australia to the USA. We post throughout Europe and aim to turn around your order within the shortest time frame possible.

Our collection of framed feathers are highly unique, very individual and look effortlessly stylish. We carefully designed our frames to allow us to display beautiful, ethically sourced feathers in a highly contemporary way.

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