Michael Brown studied Sculpture at Edinburgh College of Art and since graduating in 2008, has continued to explore his passion for creating three-dimensional work, particularly ceramics. Michael has also given workshops to school students and exhibited in local galleries. His sculptures ‘Honey I’m Doomed’ and ‘Sinking Feeling’ were shortlisted for the RA Summer exhibition (2011) and pre-selected for the Threadneedle Prize (2012). His sculptures, often inspired by spiritual and transient aspects of life, are closely informed by an abundance of illustrations.

'My drawings use newspaper writings, headlines and photographs that all in a subtle manner represent something specific about the subject I have drawn. I achieve this by cutting and stripping articles and photographs into small pieces, and then using what's left to fill the void in my drawings. There is so much more to the person in the illustration, it is like only achieving a small portion of who they are, a small part of a story and nothing more or only bits of it. In this regard I liken it to my deafness, I don’t always hear everything, I only get the gist of things. The empty space or lack of objects is significant too as it conveys how I relate to the subject in drawing. It is important to focus on just them and perhaps a small number of things that are connected to the moment. Everything else becomes unnecessary noise.’

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