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Louise Lockhart making a collage from watercolour and paper cut outs.


Bringing colourful joy into the home!

Louise Lockhart has been drawing since she first picked up a pencil. She is now an established illustrator and has applied her colourful designs to everything from pencil cases to play tents. She has been running her own business called The Printed Peanut since 2012, where she designs and sells a range of printed products. She wants to focus more on making high quality prints for the home and is delighted to have this side-line under her own name. Inspired by old children's books, folk art, and vintage textiles, her unique work is bold, joyful and fun. She likes to celebrate the small things found in everyday life and her designs capture a certain nostalgia. She has created a range of vibrant prints to brighten up your home. Have you seen the ones you can personalise?

Illustrator Louise Lockhart in her artist studioLouise Lockhart in her studioPersonalised London Wedding Print
Louise Lockhart adding watercolour paint to her collage
adding watercolour

How it's made

Each design starts with her kitchen scissors

Each time Louise starts a design, she reaches for the kitchen scissors. Through years of experimentation, she has realised that she loves the slightly wonky happy accidents that large, cumbersome scissors bring when making tiny paper cut-outs. These naive shapes are the basis for each character in her work. She arranges her paper cuts and adds colour using watercolour paint, or scans them in to add colour and texture digitally. Louise loves the look of handmade prints and she manages to capture their movement and vibrancy whilst using digital technology.

Each artwork is carefully printed onto Fine Art Superior Textured Cotton Paper 320 g/m² and is signed and dated by Louise Lockhart. The watercolour paper texture on these prints brings a lustrous velvety feel to each print and makes the colour pop.

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