Upcycled vintage kimono silk cushions by Hunted and Stuffed London


Homeware with history...

Have you ever dreamt of finding a lost treasure? Of finding something so beautiful and rare that it makes you feel special? Us too, that’s what drives our passion. We search worldwide for exquisite vintage textiles that we can repurpose, celebrate anew and give a brand new second life to. And when we find ‘the one’, we get really excited...

In a world of throw away culture, low quality products and endless copies, we reinvent and celebrate the things that were great but have been forgotten, things that survive, things that speak of the skilled hands that made them, of the stories and histories of the makers, things that carry their own story for people to embrace. We research its history so that we can pass the story on to you, where it continues...

Hunted and Stuffed was founded in 2011 in Brixton, London, by Ellie Laycock, the author of ‘Creating the Vintage Look’ and ‘Photo Art’ (Cico Books). Our family have worked in textiles since 1875, we know how to put our heart and soul into creating modern heirlooms and use the very best British materials whenever possible, making everything here in the UK. Our mantra: Integrity, Authenticity, Homeware with History.

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