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It’s all about me ….

Creating and crocheting beautiful, sustainable, reusable and eco friendly pamper products using premium quality cotton

HookAway4Crochet is my baby, my lifestyle, my job, my dream and started as an outlet for my anxiety and depression; learning to crochet again gave me something to focus on and something to distract my noisy inner voices.

I’d learned the very basics of crochet as a child at my “grand/mothers knee” as they say, so I had somewhere to start from. I took to YouTube with an unnumbered hook and some very questionable yarn in hand and the rest is history. It turns out I was a natural.

I quickly discovered my love for cotton yarn and I made the natural leap to eco friendly reusables. Basic circles used in making reusable cotton rounds are a crochet beginners playground. This took me to various zero-waste websites from which I very quickly developed a strong passion for reducing my own waste and then helping others in their journey too.

This is the very reason I only ever use a premium quality cotton in my work, I make my reusables to last years and not months. At last count my own personal shower puff is 5yrs old and my scrubbies are even older. My journey to less waste (I won’t say zero as no one is or ever can be perfect. It’s such an unattainable goal) has become such a large part of who I am, as a person and as a business.

Zoe - Owner of HookAway4CrochetA bunch of shower puffs !Tawashi facial sponges
Gift boxed face scrubbies
Registered Design

About my unique scrubbies

My very own unique and registered design that you can’t buy anywhere else !

I think the pivotal moment in developing my ever-popular cotton reusables range was creating and then officially registering my own unique design for my face scrubbies. They took a good year to design an develop, there was lots of failures, and tantrums along the way. Ensuring they could be used with just a simple bar of soap, and that they provided just the right amount of gentle exfoliation but still gave the perfect cleanse! The secret, is in the holes and that beautiful rolled edge.

This was such a boost to my confidence as a business and as a yarn artist. It’s pushed me to do more, create more, and take bigger steps than I ever would of dreamed.

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  • "“Great in the bath or shower and really creates a lush lather with shower gel or soap”"
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  • "“Shower puff is beautifully made, super soft and lathers up very well. It comes with care instructions which is great”"
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    Deborah C

  • "The best face scrubbies ever! Beautifully made, eco packaged, delightful to use, chuck them in the machine, they come out like new!"
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    Jenny K

  • "“I would highly recommend this lady to anyone, she is very professional, friendly & executed my order without any fuss”"
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Press Comments

"HookAway4Crochet scrubbies - We love them! Best zero waste way to remove your makeup! "
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Jul 2018

"“These (shower puffs) last absolutely ages and are much nicer than those plastic mitts and puffs you get in the shops, handmade with love and designed with quality in mind - these won’t unravel into something reminiscent of a soggy old hairnet after a couple of uses!"
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Aug 2019


All of my items are handmade to order. I can very often have your order out sooner than is estimated, however during busy periods this isn’t always possible. Please do contact me if you have a specific deadline like a birthday, I’ll try my very best to accommodate you, but it can’t be guaranteed.

In line with my zero waste policy your chosen item will come with all recyclable/recycled packaging. There is no plastic in my store, which is something I take great pride and care in.

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